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Open positions

B.S./M.S.  Chemical or Mechanical Engineer

TDA has several positions open for B.S. / M.S. chemical and mechanical engineers.  TDA carries out R&D in catalysis and adsorption, aerospace components, and the development of new polymers, carbons and composite materials.  TDA’s objectives are to carry out research that will lead to commercial products, and several products that are the result of our research have gone into production or large scale use, and others are nearing commercialization. TDA has openings in the following research areas:

Catalysis and Adsorption:  Catalyst projects include the development and testing of catalysts for the reforming of methane and hydrocarbons, combustion catalysts, and homogeneous catalysis. Sorbent projects include both low temperature physical sorbents as well as high temperature chemically reactive sorbents. All of these projects involve hands on laboratory and pilot testing of the materials, including the design, building and use of automated chemical reactors, analysis of the data and the preparation of reports based on the data. All projects also involve the design and analysis of systems based on the new materials so a good understanding of kinetics, mass transfer, heat transfer, fluid flow, pressure vessel design and process design is required. A person with both theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience would be ideal. 

In all of the above positions knowledge pertinent to the particular area is a benefit, but our major requirements are a mastery of engineering fundamentals and experimental ability and experience.  TDA carries out work in a wide variety of areas, and virtually all staff work on two or three projects simultaneously.  Therefore, an interest in and ability to learn quickly is essential.  

TDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Gender/Minority/Veterans/Disabled, and offers a complete benefits package. 

Please send resumes to, ATTN: Chemical Engineer

Manufacturing Technician

TDA is looking for a full time technician (40 hours/week) to assist in the manufacturing, testing and shipping of chemical sorbents, and in the construction and debugging of the apparatus and procedures needed to make them. Experience in a manufacturing environment is essential. Ability and willingness to meet demanding schedules, a strong work ethic and a commitment to safety are essential. The position also requires adaptability and the willingness to continually learn and help develop new manufacturing protocols. Good computer, oral and written communication skills are also required, as is the ability to safely lift 50lbs. The candidate must be 18 year old, a US citizen and have completed high school; college level courses in science or engineering (AB or partially completed BS) would be a plus. The candidate may be required to pass a background check and drug screening test. TDA is an equal opportunity employer. Salary depends on experience.

TDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Gender/Minority/Veterans/Disabled, and offers a complete benefits package.  

Please send resumes to, ATTN: Manufacturing Technician

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